I stand up for what I believe in, I am a rebel, playful, energetic, and kind. I move through life in search of beauty in nature, my surroundings and people…inside and out.

Fashion is my passion and I have a keen sense of what will be cool way before it usually is. My creative eye is my blessing and at age 61, which I’m supremely proud of being, I aspire to inspire other women to grow by being fearless, and forever open to change.

Courage in spirit, determination in every decision, confident in all things possible, and having the guts to be true to you, is my message to all women at every age .

So, what does this have to do with my being a photographer? Everything .. is an understatement!

Years of having the genetic pool on my side and chutzpa to back it up, I twirled in front of the camera as a model worldwide, and as my face and body changed, as well as my mind,.

My talents combined with new found authority, directing and photographing other model versions of myself. Years of being a photographer has led me to many travels afar but Bali took the cake with its spectacular moving beauty in every nook and cranny.

The land of smiling gorgeous faces and spirit took me by surprise as I was led across this country, camera in hand. A day at a royal wedding was unexpectedly extended to me and it was an opening to more than an invitation. It changed my direction of focus.

I returned to Florida with a new career in mind, one I would have never felt like entering into, ever. But something clicked and all my talents zoomed in before me.

I make brides look beautiful, my years of posing and directing models came into play with my knowledge of makeup, hair and detail in all things pretty.

My talents for decorating a room to look authentic and gorgeous, I now shoot with open glee, including various table settings, flowers and wedding bouquets. Oh, the glory of bravery, and venturing into a new circle of gorgeousness, no matter what your age and waist size!

Travel takes you on paths of opportunity, winding through visions of the audacious adventurer, don’t forget to pack an open mind along with your camera equipment and chances are there may be something that you’d love to do if only you weren’t so scared…time to be fearless ladies!!


Bali wedding 2

Bali Dancer 4 FLOWER BASKETS Bali man Rice bag

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