[h3]Heidi will send you a contract to confirm your date by email. After she receives this signed agreement and the NON-REFUNDABLE/NON-TRANSFERABLE reservation fee of 25% of the total cost, Heidi will then reserve your date. The remaining  balance is due 30 days prior to your wedding date. The reservation applies to your package fee.[/h3]


[h3]Heidi will always be your main photographer; for larger weddings booked five hours or more. Heidi may have an assistant and extra shooter for additional images she wants taken.[/h3]


[h3]Edited quality wedding images will be in high resolution files. Heidi supplies clients with a file size of 2048×1600 and each client receives all photos on a USB personally or sent through Dropbox.[/h3]


[h3]Heidi’s unique style is editorial fashion/photo journalism. Heidi will go over a shoot list if you prefer, in advance of the wedding date. A friend of yours must be present at the wedding to introduce Heidi to all persons on your shoot list.[/h3]


[h3]Heidi will supply you with quality images, not quantity! She offers ample quality images and doesn’t limit herself to any number of photos. All of Heidi’s edited images are color corrected, sharpened, light corrected and cropped, they are ready to share and print. [/h3]


[h3]Heidi has several cameras. She carries ample back-up equipment.[/h3]


[h3]Heidi realizes that wedding timelines don’t always work out. Flexibility is the key if you find you need more time than planned. If your wedding runs over the time you have booked this will require an additional payment of $125 an hour, via cash or credit card, paid that evening (or day), prior to Heidi’s departure. Additional “glamorized” photos are available upon request for an extra fee.[/h3]


[h3]Heidi shoots destination weddings, for which a travel fee is required dependent upon location.  Destination weddings booked abroad will be charged accordingly that includes travel and accommodations.[/h3]


[h3]A fee will be charged if you need to change the date of your wedding, and I cannot rebook that date. The fee is your total deposit. Another 30% deposit will be charged for the new date.[/h3]


[h3]If Heidi is incapable of working because of circumstances beyond her control, such as acts of nature, Heidi will refund all monies paid except deposit fee. In cases of circumstances within Heidi’s control (sickness, etc.), where she is unable to shoot, Heidi has prior agreements with other professional photographers who can immediately replace her, or she will return all monies, and allow you the opportunity to find your own alternative photographer. Heidi has shot worldwide for over 27 years and has never encountered these problems, and hopes that she never will.[/h3]








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