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A seed grows and blossoms through many cycles of life.

As young bud, I expressed myself as a gal with a passion for fashion. I soon grew into my adventuresome spirit and tap danced my way out of mom’s dance studio onto the pages of well-known fashion magazines. As an international model, I traveled to Paris, Milan and Tokyo … Oh what fun for a twenty year old!

After years of experience in the fashion industry, I developed a keen eye for beauty and composition. My knowledge of posing, makeup and clothes styling was of great advantage when I became a fashion photographer in New York City and Miami in the early 80s. I was hired to photograph many ad campaigns, fashion layouts, catalogs and magazine covers. I also created a fun fashion accessory that was featured in People Magazine and many of my photos appeared in greeting cards with a national card company.

Gravitating towards nature, my “Fearless Flower Collection” began. Flowers I have photographed on all of my worldwide travels are now featured on my webpage to view and to purchase.

Strong winds crossed my path but my roots held firm and my journey still continues. Being colorful, social and fun loving, with a bohemian spirit, I’m always traveling somewhere new and love photographing people in various cultures. In 2014 I took an amazing trip to Bali, where I was invited to attend a royal wedding. It was so beautiful and heartfelt.

After this experience, I knew I wanted to create beautiful photographs of brides with a “cover girl” look.I love to photograph weddings with a unique, editorial fashion flair.

As an artist, I'm always going and growing. My goal is to see and capture all of the joy and beauty that exudes from within.

As a Fashion - Wedding Photographer, I will write your love story with my camera…

A story that will always be in style!


Heidi Lane

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