How many photos do you really need?


How many photos do you really need?


“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, Art is knowing which one’s to keep!”


Scott Adams


As a photographer, editing photos is a crucial part of the creative process, and aside from shooting, one of the most fun for me too!


Quality is the rule, not quantity, and remember brides and models, your’e also paying for gorgeous photos that need to be digitally enhanced.


This takes a pro eye, plus lots of time after your shoot. Thousands of photos are edited. How many are you really going to print, email, or put into an album or portfolio?


In the fashion biz, hundreds of photos are taken on just one outfit and only one is chosen for the cover or inside editorials.


Of course brides and models receive more than just one photo, but out of the entire edit, theres always that very one stunner, and thats the one you will frame or put onto a comp card, to keep for a life time.


Be true, be you!


Light, Heidi

Heidi shooting Joni

. Heidi shooting Joni



Jenna & David

Jenna & David









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