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The island of San Miguel where I lived for 3 months in the Azores Islands of Portugal is an island greener than green, with dairy cows, flowers in abundance and the fabulous smell of salt water… oh, how I love the beaches on all the Azores Islands which I visited this August 2017.


My photo named …” THE WAVE”.  shown here, was shot on the beach of Horta, a 20-minute flight from San Miguel, a famous port for sailors worldwide.


How I loved the soft sand, dark and sparkly, the water clear, cool and fresh, with the feel of unpolluted wonder.


Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to capture a photo that seems to live …to shout out …to make you feel like you’re a part of the scene.


This is what happened with my photograph, THE WAVE, and I can’t wait to blow it up as large as I can for my store, Heidi’s Heaven, now in its planning stage.


It’s one of my fav shots and my next blog will have a few more shots of the abundance of beauty and glory of the Azores Island beaches.

The wave


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