The beautiful Azore Islands of Portugal & My Love of Photography







I left the states towing my mom, age 83 and lil dog … call me crazy!!  I moved lock, stock, and barrel to the gorgeous island of San Miguel, Azores, in Portugal.


What an adventure, in all respects, and not that I didn’t do any planning … I planned for over a year and travelled prior for over 2 years to many countries to get a feel of every country, and places within each area; the thing is the “feel” is always changing because I’m always growing and changing. With any age comes changes and mine came from a deep spiritual place within, so I never felt nervous nor overwhelmed as I sold practically everything and packed, chose a small storage area and aside for waiting for our visas, I continued moving forward slowly with plenty of time to enjoy my last chapter of living stateside.


With a fab new backpack especially made for traveling with my cameras, my little loves were soon all bundled up for their new paths too and ready to roll.


San Miguel turned out to be not only visually gorgeous, but the life style, people, food, beaches, greenest of green hills, flowers galore, hot springs and cows…tons of dairy cows, its really unreal …. but San Miguel is also a haven of amazing nature and great air too…no pollution.


Here is my favorite photo of my lovely cows … as shown above…my new found friends whom were not only dotted on every hill and cliff, but who just loved to cross any street, anywhere, anytime, jostling their more than huge utters in front of my face as I waited patiently for the 20 or so lovelies to cross the road… there’s just something about a dairy cow and their little ones ..precious, and such a big part of the San Miguel culture.


Moo Cows portugal


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