Nature in the Azore Islands of Portugal & How to shoot the beauty of it all


I really do love nature, the creations of God are just immense and heart opening and a never ending joyful bouquet for me everywhere I travel.

Beauty is in the tiniest drop of water, in a petal, leaf, the eyes of a goat, the swirl of clouds, the swish of a hummingbird’s wing, everything …. need I say more?

My trip this summer In August 2017 was a 6 week adventure into the 9 islands of the gorgeous Azores Islands a quick two hour flight from fabulous Lisbon, or a five hour flight from Boston, which is hard to believe, but true.

I’m an avid traveler and this trip was superb for nature photos as its just brimming with the epitome of delightful nature everywhere you look, just amazing … here are a few photos I shot with my Nikon D 800, using a few lenses.

Let’s start with my fav photo from this summer ..THE WAVE ….

I shot this particular photo in Horta,  and if you look at a map of the Azores Island , you will see how tiny this island is ……   the water out of this world.

This shot is a very untypical, nothing was set up, thought about, or contrived and to catch a wave …. the feeling of being right inside   the splash, well, it’s just one of those shots… and really, you just get it ……  a lucky shot of nature working its own magic, in its own time …

Being there at the right time and clicking just when your eye and mind tell you …. NOW!!!!!!

I also believe this NOW instant is in the heart of every photographer, you just feel it in your entire being, just the exact way nature makes me feel whenever I’m surrounded in its glorious beauty.

Here are a few of my favs from this summer , the first ,,,, THE WAVE

Much Light, Heidi

Azores 1 Azores Heidi Azores


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