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[h2]A Wedding Story[/h2]

You know you’re a beautiful bride when family and friends say, ”Wow, it looks like your wedding is from the pages of a fashion magazine, and you look just like a cover girl!”


The magic happens when Heidi Lane, fashion and wedding photographer, a former international model and T.V. actress, combines all of her talent with her eye for radiant beauty and style.


Heidi has been photographing fashion worldwide for over 25 years and also creates stunning wedding photos with a unique fashion flair.


From her beauty-cover shots of the bride prior to the wedding, to capturing those great candid, natural moments throughout your special day.


Heidi will write your own personal love story with her camera, a story that will always be in style!


“I am so very honored to be a part of your special day of joy and love”.


As an artist, I can’t think of anything that’s more fulfilling than to be surrounded by those celebrating moments that are truly the best in one’s life.


My goal is to see and to capture all of the emotions and special beauty that exudes from within.”


Light, Heidi






Hi Everyone!


I remember hitting the streets of N.Y.C my model portfolio in tow, hoping to hear I booked a T.V. commercial or great print job.


My earnings, way back when, were $350.00 a day, and when I retired from modeling ten years later, it was substantially higher.


Same thing when I began my 25-year career as a fashion photographer, and so it goes.


I began shooting weddings very recently; and although with all my fashion background experience, I only feel it’s fair for my fees to be

competitive and charge accordingly; climbing the ladder so to speak in the wedding world.


You’re going to love what I have to offer, and I can’t wait to chat with you and hear about all of your exciting wedding plans.


My rep in Miami, Mabel Vargas speaks Spanish fluently and she will be happy to confer with you and answer all the questions you may have.


Please feel free to contact either of us, or both, at the numbers and information listed here –  Contact Us.

I frequently Skype with clients as well.


Looking Forward & Much Light,










[h3]Engagement Photos[/h3]



Shep and samanthaMy stylish engagement photos include makeup, hair and clothes styling. We shoot 2 hours on

location, using natural light and I direct your every move.

Examples of videos Click here!





[h3]Cover Girl Bride[/h3]





My Cover Girl Bride (pre-wedding) photos includes makeup, hair and clothes styling.

We shoot 2 hours on location, using natural light.

Examples of videos Click here

Click Here to see Cover Girl Bride 





[h3]The Intimate Wedding[/h3]



Jenna & David Kiss

The intimate wedding package is for the perfect wedding on a budget. It includes ceremony, formals and reception maximum 6 hours. 









[h3]Wedding with Style[/h3]



This wedding with style option includes Engagement Photos, (photographed on a separate day), ceremony, formals and reception. 









[h3]Total Vogue[/h3]



Total Vogue option includes Engagement Photos, Cover Girl Bride (photographed on separate days), formals, ceremony and reception. 

Customized wedding shoots are also available. 









[h2]”I will shoot your love story with my camera, a story that will always be in style”.[/h2]












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